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About Iacoca Blue Advertising

The world of online advertising has grown fast in the past 10 years. The ad executives of the Mad Men era could not have dreamed of the things we can now do. Targeting based on interests, based on exact locations, based on every thing a person does online, all day, algorithms working to bridge the gap between our advertisements and the relevant people we want to show them to. And machine learning becoming more and more knowledgeable. Technology keeps progressing, but service hasn't come along for the ride.


At IBA we are a partner, not just a service provider. We want to grow with you and your company, and we do this by simply involving you. We work on strategy and goals together, when we do A/B testing, we'll involve you and your team, to try and get everyone excited about what you are doing to increase sales and help the company prosper. A big part of great service is education, which we continually provide. We want you to understand what makes a campaign a success, so you can better understand our suggestions and how your investment in advertising, is working for growth.


If you are tired of just getting a report each month, with an email from your rep saying "Here's this month's report, let me know if you have any questions?", if you feel confused and don't fully understand where your money is going, or if you just feel like you aren't getting the help you are paying for. Drop us a line below, or give us a call at 780-266-3014 . Because we exist to help.

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