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Imagine everyone in your city or town, walking down the street, with a sign on them saying “looking for a new truck”, or, “need crown work done on my tooth”, and you being a car dealer or dentist, or any other business that sells direct to the customer, going up to them with your card saying you have exactly what they are looking for and for them to come visit you. Wouldn’t that make business easy? Well that is the basis of advertising on Google.


You don’t need to imagine, because this is how Google Search Ads work, people searching for information or questions about products or services they are looking at buying. We can target only the relevant searches to your business, so that we aren’t wasting money like you would be canvasing the general population with newspaper ads. Think of something that someone might search on Google with regards to your business, let's use a car dealer for example. I sell used cars and i want to show ads to people searching for used cars, Iacoca Blue Advertising will create ads for the different types of used cars/services that dealer offers, and if someone in their city searches “best used car prices in edmonton” we’ll show them your ad, talking about your huge selection of vehicles, how you price to the market so always have the lowest price possible, and some more things to incentives them to click your ads, like the fact that you offer a 60 day money back guarantee. The person sees your ad, clicks it, and goes to your website to learn more about your products/services, from there maybe they call or fill out a form, or see what they need and come down to the store, either way, you just got your ad in front of a relevant person, who found it relevant and clicked through.


The best part of advertising on Google, is you only pay when someone clicks your ad. Imagine if you only had to pay the newspaper every time someone physically brought in the newspaper, it would be great right? You aren’t wasting your advertising dollars on people that aren’t interested. You show your ad to relevant people, if they see it and decide not to click on it, it costs you nothing, you just got some free advertising. When that relevant person does click, essentially confirming their interest in what you are selling, then you are charged. So it’s a win win. IBA’s goal is to get you in front of the most relevant customers, to sell more!


How much a click cost is different every time, Google Ads works on an auction system, so you will have some other competitors in your market who also want to show their ads. Google's algorithm looks at all the ads, how relevant they are to the search, how relevant your website is to the search, and how much you are willing to pay for that click, it then - from all this info - decides who's ads will show first, you then only pay one penny higher than the next best ad. IBA works hard to make sure all the ads are as relevant as possible so you can pay less, but still get the best ad positions. Want more info on what it might cost for your business, contact us here, and we will do some research and let you know!


Google Ads is not only available on their search site, we can also show ads across the millions of websites on the internet, that are similar to, or talk about the same type of products that you sell? IBA can make graphical ads, sometimes called Banner Ads, to show on websites across the internet, only on sites that your potential customers might visit. Sticking to the car dealer example above, we would show their ads on car blogs,,, there are literally millions of big and small websites that your customer and potential customers visit, that you would want to show your ads on. And just like on the Google Search site, you only pay when that person confirms their interest and clicks your ad.


Where is your advertising dollars going? What is your return on investment? Which ads are speaking to your audience? We will share all this information with you! Don’t waste money on what doesn’t work, in traditional media, you have to settle with not knowing if that radio/print/billboard ad you paid $10,000 actually works. With IBA, we’ll track everything to show you where every single penny of your money is going, and suggest that you drop budget for things that aren’t working, and increase budget for things that are bringing you a positive return on investment.

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