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24,000,000 of the 36,000,000 people in Canada have a Facebook account they access at least once a month, 18,000,000 of those 24,000,000 access every single day. Just as 50 years ago most Canadians read the newspaper every day. Facebook is a place for people to read about what they are interested in, share their thoughts and opinions, chat with friends and conduct their online lives. They tell the world they are looking for a new truck, or ask if anyone knows a good dentist. They’ve liked a page about luxury vehicles, and posted a picture from their camping trip last weekend. All these signals they send out, we can use to narrow down and group the people to which we are showing your advertising.


Gone are the days of spraying out an advertisement to the general population, wasting money hoping that something will stick, and arrived are the days where you can target specific people based on their interests, what they’ve talked about on Facebook, things they’ve liked - there are literally thousands of touch points Meta uses to narrow down who we serve our advertising to, so we can show the right ad, to the right person, at the right time, and not waste money on people that are not interested in what you are selling. That is how Iacoca Blue Advertising and Meta make your dollar go a lot further.


Do you have a list of your previous clients, or even people who haven’t become a client, but have reached out? Well you are in luck! We can take those lists of people, find them on Facebook & Instagram, and serve them ads to either up-sell current customers on new services or products, or get those new potential customers to commit. Your customer data is one of the most important assets to your business, is it just sitting there doing nothing? Well put it to work, and get your current customers to buy more!

Now that we have your customer list working for you, what else can we do with that information? Wouldn’t it be nice if we could take all the traits and characteristics that make up your current customers/the people more likely to buy your product and services, and find people similar to them? Well, we can’t, so move on. Kidding! We can do that! It’s the best way to reach relevant customers who have never heard of your business.


Where is your advertising dollars going? What is your return on investment? Which ads are speaking to your audience? We will share all this information with you! Don’t waste money on what doesn’t work, in traditional media, you have to settle with not knowing if that radio/print/billboard ad you paid $10,000 for actually works. With IBA, we’ll track everything to show you where every single penny of your money is going, and suggest that you drop budget for things that aren’t working, and increase budget for things that are bringing you a positive return on investment.

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